Monday, November 2, 2009

mari study

esok test organizational behavior

mari study Type A dan Type B personality

Type A
this type of behavior is characterized by chronic sense of urgency and excessive competitive drive

  1. always moving.walking and eating rapidly
  2. feel impatient with the rate at which most events take place
  3. strive to think or to do two or more things simultaneously
  4. unable to appresceate leisure time
  5. are obsessed with numbers, success is measured in terms of how much of everything they acquire
  6. in dealing with challenging task,they are easily aroused

Type B
characterized by a desire to do more than one assignment or task at any time but at his own pace,

  1. never suffer from a sense of time urgency 
  2. feel no need to display or discuss either their accomplishments unless such exposure is demanded by the situation
  3. play for fun and relaxation than to exhibit their superior at any cost 
  4. can relax without guilt

arghh..banyak nye lagi nak kene hafal.